Update #5 of Space65 Ⅲ

It is such a pleasure to update the progress on the Space65 III again to you all!

I’m glad that all parts of Space65 III have been processed.

The overall installation of the keyboard case is 90% complete, and the remaining 10% will be completed in this month.

PCBs have finished production and quality inspection; now the packing process is underway.

Plates(FR4,PC,POM) have been inspected and assembled.

Foams(plate foam, switch foam, etc.) have been inspected and packed.

The sorting and packing of orders are expected to begin on September 25th.

Deadline of of changing the address: October 15, 2022

We need a certain period of time to complete the keyboard package handover with the express agent.

So if you need to change the address, please contact this email: before October 15.

If need help with other matters, also contact this email.

Here’s the Assemble Guide for Space65Ⅲ, which you can read in advance: