Update #4 of Space65 Ⅲ

CNC of all parts has been completed.

Anodized and electrophoretic cases(top/middle/bottom cases, badges, weights, etc) are about 70% complete.
It is expected that all surface treatment will be completed between September 10 and 15.

60% cases have been inspected and assembled.

PCB production has been completed; A thorough inspection has also been completed.

All the plates (Fr4,PC&POM) and foams(plate foam, switch foam, etc.) have been processed, inspected and assembled.

All outer packaging of the keyboard has been produced.

The overall packaging is expected to begin in early September.

If need to change the address, or need help with other matters, please contact this email:

Here’s the Assemble Guide for Space65Ⅲ, which you can read in advance: