Update #2 of Space65 Ⅲ

Because Space65Ⅲ test results are unexpectedly good, CNC machining has been in full operation for some time, and the overall CNC progress is about 20% completed.

At the same time, a part of the case was CNC completed and put into the production of anodic oxidation. The final results also made us feel very satisfied.

Due to the good production results, we will further expand the capacity of CNC. On the premise of quality assurance, we will complete production as soon as possible.

The components of PCB have been prepared in advance, and the production will start this week. The processing is expected to be completed within this month, and then we will start testing and packaging.

The plate (Fr4,PC&POM) is being processed and is expected to be finished in the middle of June.

All foam (plate foam, switch foam, etc.) has been processed, and now it is being inspected and packaged separately.

Plan for EVA packaging remains unchanged.

If need to change the address, or need help with other matters, please contact this email:

Here’s the Assemble Guide for Space65Ⅲ, which you can read in advance: