Update #1 of Space65 Ⅲ

Some materials of Space65 Ⅲ (aluminum of top case,bottom case,middle case and weight) have been sent to the factory on April 25, 2022.

The material test processing has arranged, and the results are expected to be released on May 5-6 .If the material test result is ok, we can arrange mass production.

The components of PCB are now being arranged for procurement, which is expected to be completed around June 10th, and then the production will be arranged.

Production of plate(Fr4,PC&POM) and all foam(plate foam,switch foam etc) has been arranged. It is expected to finish all the processing in the middle of June.

For packaging and EVA lining, considering the storage capacity of the warehouse, we will arrange to start production in early July.

Here are some processing photos about material testing.We’ll bring you the next update soon!

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