Update of Apollo #6

First of all, I’m sorry to everyone. After the last update, everything is going on stably (processing, quality inspection, packaging, etc.).
Because there are no special circumstances and I am busy dealing with these things, I haven’t updated the progress for a long time.Sorry again.

This time we bring you a comprehensive update.

All space80:apollo quality inspections have been completed.
During this period, we are also in the process of assembling and packing.
After counting, we have completed about 97% of the packing.
We will continue to pack the remaining orders after the Chinese New Year holiday ends.

Due to the repeated impact of the COVID-19 some time ago, the logistics during this period has been unstable.

In addition, my DHL agent has been on holiday early due to the impact of the COVID-19, so I can only prepare the package and ship it as soon as possible after the resumption of work during the Spring Festival (if can resume work smoothly, it will start around February 10th,normally expected to be able to complete the delivery before the 15th).

If you need to modify the address, please send me an email as soon as possible, and send it to this email:, After receiving the email and updating the address, we will reply you with a confirmation email.

Finally, thank you again for your support and love, and look forward to your time with space80: apollo.