Typing Angle : 6.5°

Front Height : 19.5mm

Mount : Silicone gasket mount

[1x AERO.75 Package Includes all the follows]

1x Aluminum Artisan (Plectrum)

1x Case: top case&bottom case&middle case

1x Badge, with LED diffuser

1x USB Badge

1xWeight: Stainless steel mirror PVD

1x Plate (FR4 or PC)

32x Fission silicone gaskets (Contains 4 spare)

16x Integrated silicone gasket (Contains 4 spare)

1x Mother PCB (1.2mm Flex,Hot swap,VIA&QMK,ESD protection,PCB stabilizer)

1x Daughter PCB (1.6mm)

1x Poron plate foam (3.5mm)

1x ixPE switch foam (0.2mm)

1x Noise reduction foam (2mm)

1x Insulation Foam (0.5mm)

1x LED diffuser

1x Screwdriver (Graystudio brand)

1x Metal tweezer (always test the PCB before soldering!)

1x Designer packaging

1x Plastic tweezers(Use when installing ribbon to avoid scratching the case)

6x Ribbons(6 kinds of color)

Screws, rubber feet, some backup SMD LEDs…


↓ Solder ↓

↓ Hot swap ↓

[Anode color matching]

ColorTop caseBottom caseMiddle caseBadgeUSB BadgeWeight(PVD)
Cute AssassinPinkPinkSilverWhiteSilverSilver
Deep OceanBluish greyBluish greyBlackBlackBlackBlack
Darth VaderBlackBlackGreyGreyGreyBlack
NavyNavy BlueNavy BlueBlackBlackBlackBlack
SkylineWhiteBluish greyBlackBlackBlackBlack


[Electrophoretic color matching]

ColorTop caseBottom caseMiddle caseBadgeUSB BadgeWeight(PVD)

[QC standard]

1.Product appearance: no scratches, bumps or defects larger than 1*1mm on the outer surface of the kit (the outer surface is the up and down, left and right, back and forth six outer surfaces after assembly);

2.Function: the keyboard function is intact, no use problem;

3.Structure: The keyboard structure is in good condition under the assembly state, without any problems affecting the installation.

[Defects that may occur but are within acceptable limits]

1.Defects that do not affect the use: hanging point of the anode hanger, slight CNC cutting lines, internal scratches;

2.Appearance defects in tool parts, such as a bruised screwdriver.

[Build guide]