Update of Apollo #5

A.Case parts

CNC is in good condition, the processing of top case, bottom case,weights, badges and PC middle plate has been completed. Anodizing of the case is 70% complete, anodic electrophoresis is 80% complete, anodizing of the badge is 90% complete; The PVD for weight is about 70% complete.

But we found due to some faults (such as bumping) of some cases during surface treatment , CNC has been arranged to process some new case to catch up with the loss of this part.

It is expected that when CNC machining of this batch of case is finished, the previous stock material will just complete anodizing, so there will be no delay in the schedule.

B.PCB and Plate
Because due to the delay of some purchased components of PCB, so PCB has been delayed for some time.But now they are all in place. All welding will be finished on December 2nd, and then quality inspection will start.

FR4 plate and PC plate has been completed.

C. Other accessories
The silicone pad, Gasket and Poron pad has been completed. Silicone cushion and plate limit pads has been completed.

D.Packaging part
It’s completed.

Overall progress:
Nearly 70% of the case is in place. Now the quality inspection of this part has been completed, and the assembly and packaging have begun. One after another, the newly processed shell will also arrive at the warehouse and start quality inspection and installation.

The official kit has been sent to Alex and wildcat.
They will show the final effect.

Thank you again!