Update of Apollo #3

First of all, I would like to apologize to you for the late update.

CNC is still in normal progress, and 50% of the overall progress has been completed (including case, Brass weight and badge). At the same time, the finished parts, surface treatment (anodizing, anodic electrophoresis, PVD, etc.) began.

The production of PC plate & FR4 plate is expected to be completed in late September, and then quality inspection will begin.

PCB board production is expected to be completed in mid-September, welding will be completed from late September to early October, and then firmware brushing and quality inspection will start.

The production of vibration reduction pad(silicone &Poron ),Gasket pad and other parts like LED diffuser has also been arranged, and the production schedule is normal.

EVA lining has been completed. But the size of outer box does not match the lining, we are still waiting for the new sample and will start production after passing the test.

For more photos from the process, we’ll update them on GrayStudio’s IG.

Best regards.